Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lux:W Europe #5 Madrid

Arrived at Madrid Airport at 4:20 to see my camera bag floating around the baggage claim belt. Off to get a trolley and it dissapeared. 2 hours later I finally convinced an unhelpful airline employee to look outside. He found it. My lenses and tripod and flimholders had all been stolen by someone working at the airport. Not a good start to the mainland journey. The following day my parents' friend Fernando, the kindest man alive, help me find replacements for the stolen items at the only place in Madrid that carries large format equipment. The only lens board that Juan Luiz, the large format expert at the store, could find that would fit my new lens has a small sticker in the lower right hand corner of a sleepy pink panther in his pajamas holding a candle. A strange added emblem for something usually owned by serious folk but the PP is the perfect mascot for the rest of my project as I am always in the dark and eventually exhausted. Hoping he will bring me better luck... From the camera store Fernando and I headed off to find a place to shoot. After a lot of brainstorming we decided to first try a park near Fernando and his wife Cristina's apartment and it turned out to be absolutely perfect!! The PP prevails! A few hours later I set up a shot on the top of a hill overlooking all of the city with good company; Fernando, Cristina and Vicky (a childhood friend of my good friend Yolanda, both natives of Madrid). Got myself two good shots with perfect cloudy weather. Could not have asked for more good luck inside the bad... on to Milan.

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  1. What?!?!?! If it were me, I would be walking aimlessly around the streets of Madrid in tears- trying to find the person who stole my stuff! Way to maintain a positive attitude and do whatever you need to get the job done!